Informal Worship

A small group of faithful friends gather each week on Sunday afternoons or Informal Worship at 4.30pm.

Often led by the Minister it usually follows the following monthly pattern:

Week 1: Holy Communion

Week 2: BMS Update CD

Week 3: New Songs with Roger

Week 4: informal Biblical Exposition

Week 5: informal Worship


We do not expect people to take risks in bad weather, particularly in winter months when pavements are slipp

During the summer we often go to the park for 'Picnic Praise'. Clutching  our songbooks, The church banner, our deckchairs, blankets, and dad pick me keys we are runni The church panel, and deckchairs, blankets, and our picnic teas  we are ready to witness those who passed by that we are a church "in the community". 






Church Banner, deckchairs blankets and plenty of food a

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