Missions Team

Missions Team

During 2017, the church established a Missions Team, initially, to review and revise the churches commitment to mission through its support of interested charitable causes.

The Missions Team is ably coordinated by Kate Birrell, a member of the Church Leadership Team.

A rigourous and insightful enquiry into the financial affairs of some causes we have historically supported, has thrown up some worrying concerns and these have shaped the Mission Team's recommendations to the Church regarding the recommended mission causes we should support and promote during 2018.

A rolling programme of displays, events, and promotional activities for the nominated causes is being developed for the New Year.

The Missions Team is always pleased to receive information about missionary endeavour, at home or abroad, which might be shared wider across the Fellowship and possibly become a future church sponsored cause in later years.

We currently support the following missions:

* Denominational:

Baptist Home Mission,

BMS World Mission,

Baptist Men's Movement:

Operation Agri,

Tools with a Mission


Other Missions:

* Barnabas Fund

* Hope Now

* Willing and Abel

* Tear Fund

* Sailors Society