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    We are an all-age, inclusive, worshipping community, seeking to live out the 'Good News' of the Gospel, both in our worship and activities.

    We are members of the Baptists Together family in the UK.

    We have strong ecumenical links across our community and seek, through our ministry and mission ('Crossing Places'), to reach out into the local community who live and work around us.


    Our Church Text for 2018:

    My friends, watch out! Don’t let evil thoughts or doubts make any of you turn from the living God.

    You must encourage one another each day. And you must keep on while there is still a time that can be called “today.” If you don’t, then sin may fool some of you and make you stubborn.

    We were sure about Christ when we first became his people. So let’s hold tightly to our faith until the end.  Hebrews 3.12-14 (CEV)


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