February Round Up

News From February

February seems to have just flown by.  The Church has kept busy with all our normal activities and a few extra.  Very sadly we laid a dear brother to rest, trusting that in God's time we will see Mike again.  Work has continued on the building and the scaffolding will soon be down.  Here are are a few things from the month:


Young Carers First Aid Training.

We are priviliged to host and support The Downs School Young Carers.  This is a group to provide support for children who help care for parents with special needs; I have been told that the statistic for this can be as much as one child in ten.   Currently about twenty-four attend this group. This month a special session was held in the Church hall with Abby from ALC Courses (photo) teaching the children a range of first aid skills.

Charity Quiz Night

A quiz night with food was held to raise money for Barnabas fund, which is a group that supports persecuted Christians around the world.  The evening was well attended and raised over £80 for this excellent cause. 

Ministers Conference

Pastor represented us at this years SEBA (South East Baptist Association) conference. A kind member of our congregation drove him to Ashburnham Place, where he met with about 120 other Ministers to share information, to fellowship and to learn.

The Boiler Saga

The bad news was that the hall boiler gave out, leaking large quantities of water and leading to some meetings being cancelled because of the cold.  The good news is that it is now fixed; the system has been given a much needed power flush so that the hall is heating up better than ever.


Just a reminder that the Church is on Facebook.  Please do consider joining us.  In the event of any changes, due to such things as the boiler saga, we do try and have up-to-date information there.  We also try and remind everyone about events as they come up and share a few items of interest.  You can find us by clicking here


As I write we have already begun our Lent program and are looking forward to the sadness and joy of Easter.  Please check our website or Facebook for details.   

We will be having our kitchen modernised  in the coming weeks.This will lead to some changes to our activities as some facilities will be temporarily unavailable in that part of the building.  It is hoped that the work will be completed before our Flower Festival in June.  Sunday worship is not affected.  Again, please check our website or Facebook for details.