Pastor's Health

Full of Christmas cheer, Pastor has composed this Carol, to the tune of "As with gladness men of old," by way of an update to his health condition.


As with gladness patients cheer 
When a diagnosis is clear. 
For the months of suffering, 
Tablets tried relief to bring, 
For the High Church Minister, 
Seyan by name, from Walmer. 

Pastor, people sorely vexed 
Waited for each answer next. 
So the reason for the pain 
Is the cure that has inflamed. 
Residue of penicillin 
Has decayed and fungus formed. 

So the fungus diagnosed 
To new cream must be exposed. 
When the fungus is at bay 
inflammation will go away. 
The six week cycle will be gone. 
'Rest and elevate' no longer sung 

Though it won't be by Christmas Day 
Soon the redness will be at bay. 
So rejoicing may begin, 
Prescribed the Canisten Cream tin. 
May it be that from today 
All is answered that others pray. 

Health and healing - a precious gift - 
With good measure spirits lift. 
Thanks are offered humbly 
To all friends and family: 
Walmer and its Minister 
Grateful for your answered prayer. 


©The Revd Seyan Tills, 19 December 2017