South African Supper

South African Buffet Supper

Being blessed with a South African family in our fellowship, and after a little gentle arm twisting, we held a South African Buffet Supper.  About 40 people attended and over £100 was raised for the charity Tear Fund.

Danielle and Truida worked very hard to provide us with an interesting range of dishes.  Truida writes: A truly South African meat dish: Bobotie.  The desserts: Malva Pudding and Milk Tart. I don't know the name of the jelly, but it has just always been there.  The salad was a 'Koring Slaai' a wheat salad and old fashioned 'Wortel Slaai'/ carrot salad which is extremely easy to make. Also we made spinach cream, which all South Africans love.

Danielle gave a talk about the work Tear Fund and the evening finished with a short quiz.  Our grateful thanks go to Truida and Danielle for all their hard work