The British Library

Visiting The Treasures Gallery

On one of the hottest days of the year so far, a small band of intrepid researchers left Walmer to visit the Treasures Gallery in the British Library, in central London. Thankfully, air-conditioned travel aboard South-Eastern HS 1 services to and from London and the climate controlled gallery at a fixed 17°C meant our enjoyment of the day was not unduly affected by the extreme weather. Having enjoyed lunch in the Library Courtyard and later afternoon tea in the library itself, there was 3 hours available to study the exhibits on display, varying from 3rd century gospel fragments to a copy of Tindale's translation of the new Testament into English, a large bound missal weighing over 3 stone, to many ornately decorated Bibles alongside similar sacred texts from the other major World Faiths. The group were fortunate to have available to them a pictorial guide leaflet prepared by The Revd Dr Simon Woodman (Minister of Bloomsbury Central Baptist Church) who had prepared this for a previous visit by another group from Walmer. The trip, praised by all the participants, was a most appropriate and to the Bible Society's Bible Course, which many of the Group had been studying together.