Getting Married

Getting Married

Getting Married at Walmer Baptist Church

We are a church that sees Christian Marriage as a valuable act of commitment chosen by a couple to affirm God's blessing upon their union before family and friends. There are Legal Requirements and Practicalities detailed below which need to be discussed.

Firstly, you and your partner should arrange to contact the church, meet our Minister to discuss  Christian Marriage and check that the date you have in mind is available - at least two months notice is required.

The Minister will be pleased to discuss a Christian Marriage Blessing for couples who have a civil ceremony.

(The Church is not a venue registered for Same-Sex Ceremonies).


Couples are required to register their intention to marry with the Registrar of Marriages in the district in which they are resident. The certificate(s) issued should be presented to the Church Office not less than seven days prior to the wedding.

The Registrar may challenge your desire for a ceremony at Walmer Baptist Church if you do not live locally or cannot prove a connection with the church or the Baptist tradition.

Simply because you ‘like the church’ or that it is ‘near your reception venue’ may not satisfy the law.

Foreign nationals may have to supply additional information to the Registrar before a certificate is granted.


You will need to meet with our Pastor prior to your ceremony and will be required to attend a number of morning services as part of a series marriage preparation conversations to plan and prepare the service and rehearsal.

You will be advised of the church's policies on photography, video recording and flower arrangements.

You may wish to meet with the Director of Music to discuss music.

You will also be given advice for guests regarding confetti, photography and mobile phones.


We review our fees for both Marriages and Blessings annually. Please contact the Church Office for the current fees list. As a guide, ceremonies are likely to cost between £500 – £800.

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