Bee Friendly Grounds

The environmental need to encourage the local Bee population in Walmer has been raised at a Walmer Community Partnership meeting by Cllr Derek Murphy, Vice Chair of the Parish Council. Recognising that the churches of Walmer have grounds that have the potential to become Bee friendly habitats he has sought the support of the local clergy, facilitators of the quarterly Partnership meetings, to consider establishing the grounds around their Churches as Bee Hubs. These Hubs would then, over time, be linked by the establishment of Bee Lanes by encouraging Walmer residents to plant bee friendly in their gardens.

Keen to embrace the concept and encourage others to get involved, members of the Grounds Team  have taken on the challenge to review their existing planting programme to ensure that, where possible, the flower beds, hanging baskets and planters around the church and in the church garden are stocked with bee friendly varieties.

New planting, in part funded by a grant from Walmer Parish Council, has already proved popular with bees.

Working with a number of local Bee Keepers, and drawing upon the woodworking skills of Church Members the church is preparing to host a Bee awareness morning in July for pupils from The Downs and Northbourne CE Primary Schools. The children, active members in their respective School Forums, will learn about Beekeeping and each have the opportunity to make a Bee Hotel which they can either place in their own gardens, their school or the church grounds.

Again, funding for this has been obtained from Walmer Parish Council.