Memorial Garden

How did it all begin?…With a project to provide safe access to the boiler room, where it was necessary to clear the area of accumulated waste and an infestation of weeds. Furthest from my mind was a garden.

The project completed that was it, or so I thought !!

 Seated there one afternoon privileged with a blend of ‘Saunders and Collyer’ tea, it came to mind how peaceful it was. A single yellow rose was rescued and re-planted, perhaps this rose planted a seed in my mind to flourish later! I kept thinking how peaceful it was there, when lost friends rushed madly around inside my head all wishing to be remembered. So a pot here, a basket of flowers there. Then one morning I arrived to find a selection of potted shrubs and plants all with compliments from the Revd Arthur Glinn. 

mem gdn
So how did it all begin?
With a single yellow rose!
Lost friends voices!
Revd Arthur Glinn!

‘Perchance you get to sit awhile, think of loving friends.
They really have not left you if you remember them.’

A Church Gardener

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